Project Review Committee

The MMRC Project Review Committee assists the MMRC Steering Committee with the selection and prioritization of the MMRC’s preclinical and clinical research efforts. This advisory committee is comprised of one representative from each MMRC Member Institution.

Dr. K. Anderson
Dr. G. Orloff
Dr. I. Ghobrial
Dr. J. Berdeja
Dr. J. Fay
Dr. J. Laubach
Dr. J. Mikhael
Dr. J. Zonder
Dr. S. Kumar
Dr. M. Talpaz
Dr. P Richardson
Dr. R. Fonseca
Dr. R. Vivek
Dr. D. Vesole
Dr. D. Reece
Dr. D. Patel-Donnelly
Dr. T. Martin
Dr. A. Chari
Dr. A. Krishnan
Dr. D. Lebovic
Dr. C. Hofmeister
Dr. S. Jagannath
Dr. A. Jakubowiak
Dr. S. Lonial
Dr. R. Noopur
Dr. D. Siegel
Dr. S. Trudel
Dr. R. Vij
Dr. T. Zimmerman