Drug Development Efforts

The MMRC focuses on early-stage clinical trials of today’s most promising therapies. Together with our industry partners, we are pursuing a diverse portfolio:

  • Next-generation of existing drugs (eg, proteasome inhibitors like Velcade® and Kyprolis™ and IMiDs like Revlimid®)
  • Emerging drug classes with novel mechanisms of action
  • Innovative clinical trials of treatments based on learnings from the CoMMpass and other genomic studies

To date, the MMRC has launched more than 40 clinical trials of more than 20 novel drugs and combination treatments. Most recently, Kyprolis, the latest multiple myeloma drug to receive FDA approval, has been studied in seven MMRC trials that have enrolled more than 200 patients. The MMRC partnered with Proteolix and Onyx for more than six years and ultimately played an integral role in the pivotal trial that led to the approval in July 2012. Today, another treatment that has been studied through the MMRC, pomalidomide, awaits FDA approval as early as next year, and three other treatments are currently in phase 3 clinical trials.

Recent trials conducted through the MMRC opened 60% faster than the industry standard in oncology and closed 10% faster than commitment, making our research approach a compelling model for biotech and pharmaceutical companies seeking to accelerate the early development of new treatments for multiple myeloma.

Learn how the MMRC’s dedication to expediting clinical trials and exploring innovative treatments have benefitted myeloma patients and researchers.

Housing a critical mass of highly annotated patient tissue and related biospecimens, the MMRC Tissue Bank makes it possible to link genomic information with clinical data. Learn more.