Contribute Tissue

Patients who contribute to the MMRC Tissue Bank are helping researchers answer important questions about multiple myeloma. Tissue plays a critical role in advancing multiple myeloma research.

Researchers need tissue for 3 key reasons:

1. To validate new therapies
2. To learn which drugs work best in different patients
3. To identify new targets for myeloma

How can patients get involved?

At the time of patients’ regularly scheduled bone marrow aspirates and blood draws, their doctors can collect an additional 2.5 tablespoons of bone marrow aspirate and 3 tablespoons of blood. There is no significant extra risk or discomfort caused by collecting additional blood or bone marrow aspirate.

Patients who are currently being treated at a Member Institution should advise their doctor that they want to contribute a tissue sample to the MMRC Tissue Bank. Their doctor will help them through the process.

All other patients are welcome to contribute tissue by going to one of the Member Institution for their next bone marrow aspirate and can seek more information by contacting the MMRC.